Our Vision…

A thriving village shop and café in Frittenden, owned and run by the community, providing basic shopping needs and locally sourced produce as well as being a place to meet and enjoy a sense of belonging.


When Acorn Stores closed in spring 2019 we were all saddened by the loss of the shop that Eileen had run so successfully for many years. It was more than a shop, it was also a social hub for the village.

With the closure of Acorn Stores the idea for a Frittenden Community Shop and Café was launched. A village shop run for the community by the community, within the framework of a Community Benefit Society. 

Sean and Rosie’s pop-up shop, Stable Stores, was very well supported during the pandemic and showed how important a village shop could be to our community. The turnover achieved demonstrated the viability of a shop in our community, even without a cafe. With all restrictions now lifted this pop up shop has closed allowing the pub to return to full operation.

Our vision is to have a community store and café in the village that will provide a social hub for all Frittenden residents, for those who work in our village and who contribute to our community.

Our aim is to provide basic shopping needs for local householders and stock a range of foodstuffs to include local produce from our village farmers/artisan food makers. In addition, to provide a café with tea/coffee and light snacks during the day. 

Our objectives are to enable Frittenden residents to have a place to meet where they feel they have a ‘sense of ownership’ and a ‘sense of belonging’. This will help reduce social isolation of the elderly and other households by providing a social hub to visit.

The venture would also enable members of the community, old or young to volunteer in the shop/café, acquire new skills, tackle mental health issues and encourage community cohesion. All so important as we tackle the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our rural community.

Village Survey Results

A survey was carried out in 2019 to gauge the interest in the setting up of a village shop and cafe. The results are presented below. This was obviously before COVID-19.

Do you think it is important to have a shop/cafe in the village?

How often would you use the village shop/cafe?

What products would you be most likely to buy in the Shop?

What services would you use in the Shop/Café?

Response Form

The minimum shareholding for Membership is one share. The price for one share is £20.
The information on this form will be kept confidential and only two people will see the details of any financial pledge. By completing this form you agree for us to hold your details in line with GDPR compliance regulations.
We will be sending round monthly updates to keep everyone in touch with progress


In the set up phase, between now and opening we will need volunteers to help with all sorts of tasks. If you are over 16 and interested in helping out please do let us know.

Once it is up and running the Community Shop and Café will be managed by a permanently employed full time manager who will report to the Management Committee.

It will be staffed by Volunteers drawn from the Community and if we are to open as intended we estimate that we will need around 50 volunteers. This assumes each volunteer working for a two hour slot, once a week.

There is no requirement to volunteer every week, you can sign up for as much or as little as you like.

The Manager will organise and run the rota for Volunteers.

Training will be provided as necessary for Volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering during the set up stages or for the running of the Shop and Café please contact us, either at the Community event or you can fill in the form below:

We will be sending monthly updates to keep everyone in touch with progress