How will the shop and cafe reduce wastage?

By minimising the number of journeys or distances that people drive for provisions, a local shop can reduce our environmental footprint. Things to consider will be:

  • reusing bags
  • selling fresh fruit and veg near its sell-by for soup & smoothies
  • good stock rotation

We would be interested in hearing from members of the community to help us achieve this, so please get in touch.

Will I be able to use the café for small village meetings?

Luckily both the village hall and the church have meeting areas available for the community.

The café lends itself to a small meeting over coffee but obviously not a confidential conversation.

The shop would not re-open in the evening for meetings due to security constraints.

How will the shop be secured?

During the day, the shop will be staffed by at least two people and everyone will have had the training to make sure that they know what to do in an emergency or if something unexpected occurs.

When the shop is closed, it will be protected by adequate safety measures, including secure doors, CCTV and an intruder alarm system.

The shop will not hold any cash in the till overnight and will be insured against any unavoidable losses.

When will the shop and cafe open?

We have the site, the lease is all but complete, we have planning permission – now what we need is sufficient funds and getting more volunteers to sign up!

Our current forecast is that we will be ready to open in summer 2023.