Why do we need to build a new shop ?

The temporary pop-up shop that Sean and Rosie opened and operated during COVID has now closed as the pub returns to full operation. It would not have been possible to continue to use this location as it is needed for other events. Even if we had wanted to operate there it was clear that it would not have been possible to enter into a lease agreement for the Community shop to run on Bell & Jorrocks premises. Sadly, there are no other premises available in the centre of the village that would be suitable.

The site adjacent to the Memorial Hall has much better access to parking, is closer to the school for drop off and pick up, and will include cafe facilities and be more visible for passing trade. It will also be convenient for those attending events and classes in the Hall.

So whilst the stables is an excellent solution for a temporary pop-up shop, the Management Committee believe we should be aiming for a more permanent solution on the Memorial Hall site, for a community owned enterprise, that will include a cafe with inside and outside seating, looking out over the fields behind the hall.