Who can invest and how much should I invest?

Anyone over 16 can invest in the shop. We only expect people to invest in the shop if they can afford to do so and to an appropriate amount that fits within their budget. For some, this may be £20, for others £100, and a few may invest £1,000 or more.

Why become a shareholder in the Village Community Shop Community Benefit Society (CBS)?

A CBS is restricted in the amount of any profits that can be paid out to shareholders so this should not be thought of as a traditional financial investment.

Each shareholder (however large or small their shareholding) will get one vote in key decisions regarding the future direction of the shop and how the profits are invested for the good of the local community.

There is no obligation to invest after the initial share issue and shares can be redeemed at a later stage if, for example, you move out of the area – but only at the discretion of the Management Committee.

How much money needs to be raised?

We have looked at other community shops, obtained some estimates for building and fit out costs and our plan is based on the following estimates:

Prelims & Groundworks – £22,000

Building & Finings – £92,000

Equipment – £13,000

Incidentals – £7,000

Initial working capital – £10,000

Contingency – £16,000

TOTAL – £160,000