Stable Stores

Sean and Rosie Croucher and their family have done an outstanding job in setting up a ‘pop-up’ shop in the old stables at the back of the Bell & Jorrocks. This has provided the village with an excellent range of fresh foods and basic staples at a time when the mobility of many has been limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following graphic shows how their sales have been split:

While many people continue to use online grocery shopping from the major stores, Stable Stores has continued to be popular for an excellent range of fresh foods.

Sean and Rosie’s intention is to return to full time operation of the Bell & Jorrocks when conditions allow and in the meantime are providing very helpful advice to the Shop Steering Committee in validating assumptions about the business model. We are delighted that Rosie has agreed to join the Committee.

We have agreed with Sean and Rosie that there will be a managed transition from Stable Stores to Frittenden Community Stores at a mutually agreed date in 2021.

Shop photos on this website have been kindly provided by Sean and Rosie