Summary of progress from May 2019 to September 2020

From May 2019 – September 2020 many activities have taken place to progress the project

May 2019 – Parish council member forms Frittenden Community Shop & Café  Committee  (FCS&CC)

June 2019 – Plunkett Foundation contacted and application made for support (The Plunkett Foundation supports rural communities to establish community projects).

June 2019 – Plunkett Foundation application accepted and 15 hours of support allocated to project

July 2019 – Village Survey including parents with children at primary & pre-school

September 2019 – village survey results collated

Summer/Autumn 2019 – Barham, Chart Sutton, Benenden community shops visited to meet management teams

Autumn 2019 – consultation with Gulland Solicitors regarding location of shop on Memorial Hall land given its charitable status

Autumn 2019 – Location of community shop finalised on Memorial Hall land

November 2019 – Public meeting by FCS&CC to present survey results

December 2019 – Presentation by FCS&CC  to Memorial Hall on scope of project

January 2020 – Meeting with Eileen Bridges from Acorn Stores

January 2020 – Quotation requests for buildings sent out

January 2020 – 15 hours of Plunkett support taken with local advisor from ACRE

February 2020 – Study visit organised with a Plunkett advisor to meet management team at Detling Community Shop

Spring 2020 – Steering group with key skills formed within FCS&CC

Spring 2020 – Pre application planning meeting with TWBC

Spring 2020 – Preparation for community event cancelled due to COVID-19

Summer 2020 – Compilation of financial figures for shop (profit & loss, cashflow forecasts, capital expenditure etc)

Summer 2020 – Discussions with Sean & Rosie Croucher re Stable Stores operation and future plans 

Summer 2020 – additional funded support allocated by Plunkett following COVID-19. 

Summer 2020 – meetings with Plunkett to discuss project timeline, forming a Community Benefit Society, and external funding possibilities

September 2020 – launch of Community shop website

September 2020 – reconvened community event 

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